Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I love this Catholic theology tip

The other fun part of 10,000 Gun Questions Night is keeping it strictly Catholic. I often hear a double complaint about the Church:
  1. How can we possibly have a firm teaching on anything?
  2. And if so, why don’t we have a firm teaching on everything?
As if it were somehow more logical to worship a god who gave out brains and then refused to let you use them. [Catholic moral theology tip: If God gives you something, He's got a plan for how it's supposed to be used. Thy body is not a knick knack.]
From Jennifer Fitz, Riparians at the Gate


  1. The Ironic Catholic1/31/12, 2:00 PM

    Thy body is not a knick knack.

    --I'm so borrowing this!

  2. Julie you've made my day.

    After putting up with all the people protesting my Clean The House Movement, it is nice to escape to the internet and find someone who approves of something I've done.

    IC - that's a double honor.