Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Playlist

I picked up three new Christmas CDs this year and two went on our permanent household favorites list.

The one that didn't was Christmas Party With Eddie G. which was so much like Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour that it conclusively proved who the genius was behind that concept (for which we are forever grateful). However, it isn't something you like to have pop up constantly in your play list.
  1. What a Wonderful Christmas - Louis Armstrong & Others (a new one, purchased after I heard Jazz Record Requests ... a BBC show ... play "Zat You, Santa Claus?"
  2. A Christmas Gift For You From Phil Spector - when I was looking for the Louis Armstrong cd, I kept coming across this. Many described it as a "wall of sound" which can be good or bad. In this case, it works ... as long as you like The Ronettes. Which we do. 
We added this to our usual playlist, which you may read all about here, but for the short version I'll tell you that it includes:
  • Let It Snow Baby, Let It Reindeer - Reliant K
  • Ella Wishes You a Swingin' Christmas - Ella Fitzgerald
  • I Wanna Be Santa Claus - Ringo Starr
  • Christmas With the Rat Pack


    1. Of the Christmas albums by Rock stars my favorite is "Christmas with Weezer" which is almost all traditional Carols amped up.

    2. You may have told me that before ... I've got to look for it.

    3. He has only done one Christmas song, but I really enjoy how Keith Richards does Run, Run Rudolph.

      I have the Ratpack Christmas album and it is very good.

    4. Have you heard of "The Priests"? Three Catholic priests from Northern Ireland who all happen to be unbelievable tenors. They have a Christmas album (Noel). Do look them up!