Friday, November 18, 2011

Mailbag: Publishing, Videos, and Voodoo

From my inbox and worthy of your interest:

  • TAN BOOKS: It's the three year anniversary of Saint Benedict Press’ acquisition of the venerable TAN Books out of bankruptcy ... interesting article.
  • FREE CATHOLIC BOOKS, written by saints
  • FRANCISCAN MEDIA: "St. Anthony Messenger Press has changed its name to Franciscan Media. With its new name and branding efforts, Franciscan Media hopes to bring greater clarity to our Franciscan tradition and become more inspiring, innovative, and personally relevant in today’s marketplace." ... my comment: it's certainly easier to say in a hurry. Read about it here.
  • SOPHIA INSTITUTE PRESS: Sophia Institute Press announced Wednesday the acquisition of Catholic Exchange. I remember back in the day when Catholic Exchange was just about the only good place gathering together Catholic writers. They were ahead of their time. Read more here.
Worth Watching
  • Eskimo Hallelujah Chorus ... charming, creative, and sweet ... they hold up the cards with the words while the music and singers provide the sound. Some of the very creative ways to display the cards really made me smile.
  • The Hunger Games ... the movie. Haven't read the book, but this looks great! (scroll down for the trailer)
Pope & Voodoo Newswatch
  • BBC article wins the prize for how many times can an article force the word Voodoo into an article about the Pope going to Africa. Despite the pope never mentioning it once. I believe the article may have been commissioned by Dah Aligbonon.


  1. I highly recommend listening to The Hunger Games audio books. I enjoyed them on the rides to and from work. My wife is currently reading them on the Kindle. The movie looks great. I haven't been this excited about a movie based on a book since the LOTR.

  2. In an effort to keep my blood pressure hovering near normal, I am purposely avoiding any "news" piece that is likely to cause said increase in BP.
    So, ANY description with the following three words... "Pope" "BBC" and "Voodoo" is to be avoided. Frankly, "Pope" and "BBC" are enough for me to avoid said article thank you very much.

    I did appreciate the link to free Catholic books. There are a few I don't have and now I do! thx!

  3. Definitely read The Hunger Games! They are quick, and I hate to promise anything but I GUARANTEE you will like them. How about that? :)

  4. Oh Jenny ... watch what you promise! I have been assured by others, though, that I will like at least the first one. So you are in good company! :-)

  5. That Free Catholic books link is amazing! I'll fill up my Kindle in no time!