Monday, September 19, 2011

May the Most Awesome Average Blog Win! It's Voting Time in the 6th annual Cannonball Catholic Blog anti-Awards.

I am honored that Happy Catholic is nominated in the Best Potpouri of Popery category.

Just to be in the company of Jeff Miller, Darwin, Heather King, Amy Welborn and Margaret Perry is very cool.

Based on that, I'm pretty sure that it's very cool to be in Rebecca Fretch's company too, but Shoved to Them is a new blog to me. (And isn't that really the point of these things whether pro- or anti-award?) To find the new blogs you wanted to read but hadn't heard of yet?

You can vote every day, but seriously ... more than anything, just go check out that giant blog list. There's some good reading waiting for you!


  1. Shoved to Them is great... it is real.

    You should definitely check her out, especially some of her past posts

  2. I was nominated too, in the same category, though it's all in good fun! :-) God bless!