Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Machine Gun Preacher ... Go See It! (Updated)

I will have my review up very soon but for now I will just say that we were all stunned by what an excellent movie it is.

It promised something unusual and it delivered.

Machine Gun Preacher ain't your mama's Christian movie. In fact, it ain't a lot of Christians' idea of an inspirational movie. But it should be. It isn't afraid to show us the afflicted children of the Sudan in contrast to our comfortable lives and shake us up.

It is Oscar quality and if it were about any other subject (with less Christianity showing) I feel it would be nominated.

I can't praise this movie enough, nor can I praise the actors and filmmakers enough for taking it on for much less than usual salary because they were passionate about the story it tells.

It isn't easy to watch (the "R" rating is justified) but it is immensely rewarding.

Until my review is posted, please check out Hell Burns or Christianity Today for reviews that represent it well.

UPDATED: more screenings to be held in Dallas
I've been told there are more screenings in Dallas both this week and next. Here is the link and password (mgpaccess) to sign up so you can spread the word!


  1. The trailer looks good. I was concerned by another article at Christianity Today discussing the controversy over the truth of the main character's claims and the condition of his orphanage. I don't know the truth of the matter, but it made me sad. Have you read that article? Do you have any thought on it?

  2. Saw this blog post from a black guy. Interesting the way people see things differently.


    Michael Davis

  3. Hi Cindy ... I saw an article about that yesterday but I also don't know anything about the accusations. I do know it is easy to sling mud and my first thought was of the people who occasionally attack Mother Teresa. That said, I really don't know ... but I can recommend the movie wholeheartedly.

  4. Michael ... that is interesting, especially when he says that he doesn't mean anything bad against Sam Childers or what he did but ...

    I don't think you can separate the two of them because Sam Childers was there last night discussing his work. All he cares about, honestly, is the children. If the movie helps his work with them, then great. He's going ahead either way.

    There were a number of black viewers there last night, including the Q&A moderator and they seemed interested, enthusiastic, and engaged.

    I suppose it all comes down to what preconceptions we are going to weigh things down with.

  5. I believe you are right about the preconceptions


    i was not trying to stir the pot, just thought it was interesting

  6. Oh, I understood that completely. And I apply the preconceptions to myself too. We've all got them. :-)

  7. Hi, Julie -
    I know how easy it is to sling mud. That's what made me sad. If the accusations are true, that's sad. And if they aren't, it's sad because someone is trying to destroy good in this world. (But I suppose someone is always trying to destroy good *sigh*) I am planning on seeing the movie. Thanks for your review!