Thursday, September 29, 2011

Coding a message for Operation Declare ... this way to Mount Ararat

Scott and I discuss Declare by Tim Powers ... so spy-ish, so John LeCarre-ish, so much Catholicism everywhere. Get it at A Good Story is Hard to Find podcast.


  1. WHAT A GREAT PODCAST! I read Declare recently and found it so great--what fun it is to listen to you two talk about all the marvelous things in it.

  2. You talk about confession in the podcast; in fact several characters do go to confession. Elena in particular goes right after she shoots Philby--I couldn't help wondering what the priest thought about it!

    I also liked Powers' Three Days to Never, but good as it is, it's not as great as Declare.

    I've never read Last Call; I did read The Stress of Her Regard, but I was less charmed by it, perhaps because the main character was not very lovable. However, the book did grow on me by the end.

  3. Great podcast. I got a copy for my mom and now will be sending her this link to try to get her to start it (I heard it was working its way up the nightstand stack). I really enjoyed The Anubis Gates, which is really out there odd, but awesome, and was one of his earlier books (as well as a big scifi award winner).

    I did Russian Studies at college and took a class on the history of the KGB, so it was a blast to see about the Cambridge 5 again, etc. As far as I recall it's quite accurate. They really did nearly catch Philby but then eliminated him. He played it so cool when under suspicion. What a great read. Too bad I have almost no time for non-school-reading!