Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Snapshot: I'm spending the morning crying

I'm writing a Lenten devotional booklet and have arrived at Holy Week.

The gospel music has been on high and I've been singing along sometimes.

I've been digging into symbolism and getting blown away.

You simply cannot write about Holy Week without crying. The glorious thing at this moment though is that my tears are those of joy.

I have been realizing that under the sadness of the necessity for his glorious obedience and sacrifice, there is a deep strain of joy at finishing the race triumphantly.

My thankfulness and gratitude will never be enough.

I've known it before, of course. Felt it before, of course.

But at this moment, I am overcome with joy and love for Jesus, himself.

(I can only imagine how red my eyes are at this moment. Should make going to work ... interesting.)


  1. My eyes welled up just reading this. Thank you for sharing your joy and reminding us of God's Love.

    All of the Mysteries of our Faith, all the Truths, and all the Promises fulfilled are packed into Holy Week. I will be looking forward to what you've written.

  2. Julie, there is a thought I have often had on Holy Saturday. Since itis Saturday, I pray the joyful mysteries, which seems an odd thing to do at just that time. It occurred to me one year to thik, what was mary doing on Holy Saturday. I pictured her sitting with (some of) the apostles, maybe just Peter and John,and telling them about the events of Jesus' early life, (all those things she "stored in her heart")sadly, orobably tearfully, yet still trusting that God would bring victory from what appeared to be defeat. It really makes the Joyful Mysteries special on Holy Saturday!