Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Snapshot: How I Know I Was Super Distracted This Morning

Because walking down the hall to work, I realized I didn't do that thing where you mismatch socks.

I wasn't wearing socks.

But I mismatched my shoes.

True story.

One ballet flat.

One black sandal.


And now?

I'm barefoot. Until it is time to slink out of the building and go home.

Straight home.

No stops on the way.


  1. I've done that! It was the same style shoe but two different colors. I wore the shoes all day without saying a word to see what would happen. Towards the end of the day, when no one had said anything to me, I began to worry that people had noticed and were having a laugh behind my back. Not wanting to miss out on the laugh myself I finally polled people to see who had noticed. Only one fessed up to noticing, but we all had a great laugh about it at the end of the day! Ah, good times! :-)

  2. My first day of business school, I showed up with no shoes at all.

    I'd been in a rush to get the spouse out the auto mechanic at the other end of the universe, and thought I'd thrown my shoes in the car with me on the way out the door. Got to campus with exactly enough time to walk to class, and, oops, no shoes.

    So people pretty much had an accurate read on the real me from day 1. Kinda handy.

  3. A year or two ago, I was rushing out of the house to get my kids to swim practice. We got to the pool and realized I had no shoes.

    Luckily, it WAS a pool, but my kids still laugh about it to this day.