Monday, August 8, 2011

Snapshot: The Fluffiest, Most Absorbent Towels I've Ever Used

I suddenly noticed that our towels were ragged. Really ragged.

When did this happen? And how? I mean, they were only ... wait, let me add ... only 15 years old? How did that happen? When did 15 years whisk by?

Anyway, I went looking for hotel towels. They always seem to me to be the softest. I suppose it does depend on which sort of hotel you are staying at. I had in mind those from the time we wound up unexpectedly staying in the luxurious Abraham Lincoln Hotel in Springfield, Illinois.

When I went looking, there was nothing obvious, but eventually I wound up at this selection from Towel King, which  is supported handily by Amazon's payment system.

I washed them when they showed up and was astounded at the fluffiness that emerged from our drier. These washcloths and towels make showering a real luxury. So much so that I have two extra sets en route so I can kick some more of those ragged bath towels to other service (drying dogs, drying cars, tossed over muddy car seats so a person can safely sit on them...).


  1. This is where we differ; I actually prefer old, broken-in towels to new ones. Old ones are more absorbent - they actually soak up water rather than squeaking it around, and they don't leave me covered with fine fluff. I like lots of pretty things; but towels are best, like a fine wine, well-aged.

  2. That's the great thing about these ... they actually are absorbent and no white fluff has bothered us. :-)

  3. They might be fluffy, but are they absorbant? I've had real fluffy towels that shed water like a duck. :)

  4. Love fluffy towels!

    p.s. finally wrote a review of HC the Book--it's up today on the blog!

  5. Tony ... did you read the title of the post? And the comment just before yours? Those answer your question. From my p.o.v. anyway. :-)

    IC - THANK YOU! What a wonderful review! :-)

  6. One tip when washing towels. Do not use fabric softener in the rinse. It inhibits absorbsion when you dry yourself.