Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ironic Catholic's Review of Happy Catholic: "The God and Culture Thang"

So when I read Julie's book, full of meditations and reflections on snippets of books, TV shows, movies, etc., I rejoiced!, because...she cut through all the dreck for me! These are great little insights, all the more appealing because they popped up out of a swamp. It's like you can't keep God, and human longing for God, down. He always rises to the top, like cream.
Ironic Catholic brings up a question I hadn't considered ... can someone who has completely given up television enjoy reading Happy Catholic?

We know that Happy Catholic is chock-full of television references. So I was very pleased to find that Ironic Catholic appreciated the good stuff being skimmed off the top and presented without the need for using a tv screen.

It is a very generous review and I am most appreciative.

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  1. The only TV I watch is when I get a DVD of an entire season of something (Friday Night Lights, Mad Men, Downton Abbey). But I still like your blog!