Thursday, August 18, 2011

Did Jesus Really Mean What He Said? Reviewing "Now I Walk on Death Row"

This book is like a ticking time bomb. It should come with a label: "Warning: asking God to show you the world as he sees it and yourself as he sees you may cause disorientation and soul searching. Read with caution."

Why did I put Now I Walk on Death Row by Dale S. Recinella in my review books pile? Death row ministry and an endorsement by Sister Helen Prejean smack of bleeding hearts and that's not really my cup of tea. Nevertheless, there it was when I looked for something new to read.

I always evaluate every book I receive by reading the first chapter. What had I seen in this one that earned it a place in the stack?
I'll tell you ... in my A Free Mind column at Patheos where I review Now I Walk on Death Row, which I read in under 24 hours. (And not because it was short, y'all!)

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