Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Countdown: 9 ...

... days until Rose gets home from Chicago. For good!

Ok, she won't be staying in Dallas. After some quality home time she'll be going to L.A. to try her fortune there using her film editing major.

But she won't be going back to Chicago, not for the foreseeable future anyway.

I'm excited!

She's is almost done editing the Haiti documentary, Today We Saw the Face of God. She's been spending 8-10 hours a day working on it. On the plus side, we've been bonding over audio books as I've been sending her my treasures and she now has time to listen.

The prize moment was when she was so jazzed up after listening to White Cat and the sequel, Red Glove, that she had to call me to discuss them. Ah yes ... finally ... I have someone to talk to about them!

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  1. Yipee for you! BTW we just watched the King of the Hill episode that relates to your quote. LOL