Saturday, August 13, 2011

Catholic New Media Awards

Now here is a big surprise!

The Catholic New Media Awards have evidently been accepting nominations and I just found out. Guess I don't hang out in the right places anymore ... or something. Nominations are closed and voting has begun.

Anyway, I must not be the only one because there is a dearth of the "usual suspects" nominated. That is  all to the good, in my opinion. The "usual suspects" are already known. There are a lot of blogs and podcasts and suchlike nominated that I wouldn't have heard of otherwise. Which I think was the point of the awards when they were begun way back when. And it definitely keeps the voting lists shorter.

Go take a look around and see what you discover.

And, of course, vote!

I have to say that I wish I'd have known so I could have included A Good Story is Hard to Find podcast, where Scott Danielson and I talk about books, movies, and the faith. I am really fond and proud of that little baby and would have liked to let more Catholics know about it.

But, c'est la vie. Every baby is most beautiful to its own parents, right?


  1. I like how it notes that nominations are now "Open" and "Closed" at the same time, with a 'delete"notation thrown in there. Suddenly I feel better about my own computer abilities.

  2. I voted, but as I looked through the links I was convinced your blog should have been there.