Thursday, July 14, 2011

What Do You Think of Georgette Heyer?

That is the question posed by Hope in Brazil at Worthwhile Books.

Now that I have recovered from being knocked out of my chair in being included with Michael Dirda as one of her two influences in trying a Heyer book ... I must report sadly that Hope didn't think much of the book she chose, The Talisman Ring.

She's asking whether Heyer is just not for her or whether she read the wrong book.

I, myself, like the Talisman Ring just fine but it is not my favorite. That honor goes to The Grand Sophy. I also would recommend Cotillion, Sprig Muslin, and something else that I can't remember now.

Honestly, I could have named ten others.

If you have an opinion about Georgette Heyer, click through and let Hope know. And possibly by then my comment will be approved and we can see which of my other favorites made the cut for my comment!

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  1. Tante Léonie7/14/11, 12:36 PM

    Thanks for that, Julie.

    I left a comment as well.

    Georgette isn't really a great writer, but her historical detail is superb and I love most of her stuff, although it is formulaic and a bit unpolished in places. I can see where she might leave some folks cold.

    I'm with you in my love of "The Grand Sophy" and "Cotillion", and I also like "A Civil Contract" a whole lot, especially for the character of Mister Chawleigh.