Thursday, July 21, 2011

Snapshot: I got into Google+ ...

... it echoes in there.

It's strange to be a place that is essentially Facebook but with so few people.

Kind of nice though. Like just having moved into a house, before you get all the furniture.

And the "circles" idea is good. Though I haven't done much with any of it yet.

Not that I do much with Facebook either, though.


  1. I tried to add you to a circle but I can't figure out which JD you are.

  2. I'm Julie D. .. with the purple-haired Simpson-esque avatar. :-)

  3. Hi Julie,
    I added you via your email address

  4. I am surprised by how much I like Google+. They really seemed to have learned some important lessons and started with a very good implementation. I was not surprised to find that a former Apple UI designer heads the team.

    Circles is great, Facebook has lists - but they are kind of hidden and take some effort to figure out and then limit the news feed via them.

    I really like being able to easily target an audience for a post separating Catholic, Mac users, work, etc.

    I also really like that you don't have the character limit you have in Facebook. Many times I wanted to post something in Facebook only to be told what I wrote was to long.

    Google+ might be smaller right now, but I have already built up over 150 Catholics using it.

  5. I want an invite. I am so super jealous. Wait, I think that is a sin. :)

  6. Hi Sonya,
    I just sent you an invite through your email

  7. I've just started Twittering. All I've managed to do is close the gap between where I'm at on the Social Media continent and where the cool kids hang out.

    Kinda like trading in the carrier pigeon for the Pony Express, while others are using email.