Thursday, July 14, 2011

Snapshot: East of Eden

East of EdenEast of Eden by John Steinbeck

I'm reading this for A Good Story is Hard to Find podcast ... we'll discuss it in a couple of weeks.

How ironic.

After years of steadfastly avoiding Steinbeck (after an unfortunate encounter with The Red Pony in school), I now read it because Scott loves it. No truer love hath a friend than to read a 600 page Steinbeck book, I always say.

Although it is about the book of Genesis, so there is that as well.

I am not going to feel one bit guilty when I make him read Jane Eyre. And it will happen, my friends. It will happen. (evil laugh, fade out)


  1. I read East of Eden several months ago at the urging on my son who had read it at the urging of his girlfriend. It may be my favorite Steinbeck, and I am a fan. After reading EoE, I re-read Travels with Charlie, Steinbeck's non-fiction account of a trip across the U.S. in 1960 with his standard poodle Charlie.

    An English teacher at the school where I sub most often told me she didn't like Steinbeck because Of Mice and Men, required reading in her senior English classes, is so denigrating to women. She figured Steinbeck as a chauvinist. I urged her to read Travels with Charlie for a more accurate picture of Steinbeck's personal views.


  2. I'm not a Steinbeck fan, but I have meant to read EoE. Unfortunately I have books scheduled for the rest of the year. I would have loved to read it while you did your podcasts, but squeezing in a 600 page book is too much.

  3. Jane Eyre? They have CliffNotes for that, right?

  4. Manny, I feel the same way. However, I also figured out if I read 35 pages a day, I'd make my deadline! And I can do that thing! (Heck, I kind of HAVE to do that thing!)

    Scott ... I didn't notice when I was picking through the Steinbeck section ... uh ... I mean I'm sure they do. :-D