Friday, July 29, 2011

Bloggurgatory ... or ... Purgatory for Catholic Bloggers

Acts of the Apostasy began it.
Maybe Catholic bloggers will have to endure sufferings that are a bit more...I don't know, personal. Custom-fit.
And carried on with an amusing list of tailor-made purifications for the likes of:
Fr Z - drink instant coffee while blogging on a 386...with a dial-up connection.
The Curt Jester picked up that baton and ran with it (what a shock!) and came up with one of my actual fears.
Fr. Phillip Neri Powell, OP His purgatory would be something like being trapped in a gigantic library with no books on the shelves.  Kind of like the Twilight Zone episode “Time Enough at Last” where book lover Burgess Merideth and ends with a gigantic pile of books around him and his glasses broken.  In fact that would be my Purgatory also – or perhaps Hell.  This would also be purgatory for Video meliora, proboque; Deteriora sequor, and Happy Catholic.
Although I actually always saw Purgatory as a place filled with books that are super-old and I always managed to avoid, but now find that had information that would have turned me into a saint if only I had read those people's take on holiness. (St. Faustina's diary is among my special fears. I'm into the divine mercy and all, I just don't want to have to read her book about it.)

So do yourself a favor. Go see what they've dreamed up. You will laugh and maybe it will scare you straight ... straight into holiness!  (Be sure to read Ironic Catholic's purgatory ... that is my other fear.)


  1. There's a story about a monk that was continually late for morning prayer because he had a hard time getting out of bed. His superior told him the next time he was laying in bed and in danger of missing morning prayer, he should imagine himself in Purgatory. Well the next morning the poor monk was even later than usual. When his superior asked the monk if he had taken his advice, the monk responded yes indeed he had. As he lay there struggling to get out of bed he imagined himself in Purgatory. "And?" asked the superior.
    "I found that I like Purgatory just fine."

  2. I got a lot of books to read myself.