Saturday, May 21, 2011

Weekend Joke: Roger and Martha

Roger left for work on Friday morning. Friday was payday, so instead of going home, he stayed out the entire weekend partying with the boys and spending his entire pay packet.

Finally, Roger appeared at home on Sunday night, and obviously he was confronted by his angry wife, Martha who castigated Roger for nearly two hours with a tirade befitting his actions. Finally, Martha stopped the nagging and said to Roger, 'How would you like it if you didn't see me for two or three days?'

Roger replied grimly, 'That would be fine with me.'

Monday went by and he didn't see his Martha. Tuesday and Wednesday came and went with the same results.

By the Thursday, the swelling had gone down just enough so that Roger he could see Martha a little out of the corner of his left eye


  1. An oldie but a goodie.

    But now I must prepare for the rapture, which might include a raptor, and I just don't know what to wear. I'm pretty sure I'll go with slacks, sports coat, and casual but nice shoes, but should I wear a tie or just do a relaxed-Saturday thing?

  2. Normally I'm not easily offended and have a goofy, irreverent sense of humor, but this is pretty tasteless. Can't really laugh at the even "comical" thought of a spouse decking a spouse.

  3. Tante Léonie5/21/11, 11:42 AM

    Oh dear, it's 18h40 over here in central Europe and no sign of the Rapture yet. Of course, it could be because that we're all just a bunch of Godless heathens . . . or not.

  4. Typical female attitude: her violence is cute, if the man was the least bit violent then that would be violence.