Saturday, May 7, 2011

Blogging Around: 5 Easy Pieces

From the Saturday WSJ, which just gets better and better. In the order in which the links came up in my Google reader.
  1. Demystifying the homemade souffle
    Which, let's face it, is not that hard to do anyway. And the article, surprisingly, tends to make it more intimidating by saying things like "Put a large pinch of salt in the egg whites, and if possible, leave them out of the refrigerator for a day or two before making a soufflé."

    You know what? Don't.

    Just make the souffle and don't worry about letting them sit around on the counter first. But otherwise a nice piece, especially with the bit about eating it anyway and calling it pudding if it falls.
  2. Bin Laden's followers represent a real interpretation of Islam. Why don't more Muslims challenge it?
  3. How Rembrandt reinvented Jesus
  4. Steampunk's time has come
    I knew it already (thank you, Amy H. Sturgis). But it's nice to see the WSJ with a major article letting the world know.
  5. Five winning jarred tomato sauces
    I never think to use them but this article left me wanting spaghetti and thinking maybe I'd look for one or two of these brands.
And one for the road.
  1. Ars Sacra book review featuring the image of "This Isaiah is one of the most ecstatic works of art ever coaxed from stone" which made me long for a $199 book.

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  1. Souffles are EASY! Don't let anyone scare you!