Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why Do We Need Holy Week?

The Holy Week recollection of the passion and death of Jesus Christ serves to remind us that it’s not enough to be a “good person” who does not blow up bridges. Jesus is surrounded by “nice” guys who left commerce to follow him — to heal, to give alms, to feed multitudes — and they drink too much to be able to keep him company when he asks. They engage in skirmishes. They run away. One of them betrays him for silver, another — the first of the “good persons,” the one who first pronounces Jesus as Messiah and holds the keys to the kingdom — betrays him with his tongue.
Recognize yourself here?

Me too.

And I'm not proud of it. Let's start with the extreme battle with myself just to go to Mass tonight. Which I know I will benefit from. Which I know will set me up for Good Friday and Easter Sunday in a way that will benefit my soul and, therefore, everyone around me.

Read it all at The Washington Post from The Anchoress.

(She has lots o' Triduum links here.)

I have some things set to go up tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday (Easter!) but am going to try to stay off the blog for a while from now on.

Not only for the good of my soul but also for the preparation of the Easter feast and suchlike.

A blessed Triduum and Easter to you all.


  1. Hi Julie,

    "not only for the good of my soul..." What's that all about? Figure of speech I guess - because engaging in this blog is for the good - of our souls who read your words on a regular basis. Keep up the good work...for your and my souls.


  2. Tom ... thank you! :-)

    In my case, of course, it is sometimes a distraction from things I should be doing instead. Though it is also where I am thinking about ... my soul. :-D

    And, as you can see from today's WSJ Good Friday entry, I can't stay away. I just can't!