Friday, April 22, 2011

There is a reason Jesus promised that the gates of Hell would not prevail against us.

Because He knew we'd need the encouragement against the strenuous efforts made by Satan, as Jen at Riparians at the Gate reminds us.
... If you are Catholic and you can fog a mirror, you know that our church is a giant jumble of bickering and snippiness.

It is a battlefield. Our Church.




Do not be the infantry and the cavalry taking shots at one another. Fight the real enemy.
As we go through Good Friday, meditating on what Jesus sacrificed for us, what He endured for our sakes, let us stiffen our spines in refusing to give aid and comfort to The Enemy in the continual efforts to tear us into shreds.

The worst of that fight may be internal as we struggle not to rip into those among us who have a different perspective. Usually, for me anyway, internal battles are the worst. That's ok. We've got the best example there is. Follow the battle standard of the crucifix into the fight against the real enemy.


  1. Thank you for this . I got your book yesterday ! I started reading it and there is a lot of wisdom and good things to ponder in it that's for sure . God Bless You

  2. I had my fence replaced a couple of years ago. We have two gates, one of which was locked and I'd lost the key. When I explained to the foreman of the crew he laughed and said "no problem!" because walking behind him was two guy with the biggest sledgehammers I'd ever seen. They laid our fence down in 20 minutes.

    The gates of my backyard could not withstand those guys with hammers! I see that as the meaning of that line. You don't get attacked by a gate. A gate is defensive. We're the Church Militant. We're supposed to be on OFFENSE. We don't hide in the comfort of our Churches and prayer clubs hoping the bad people will leave us alone. Workers in abortion clinics and porn shops should cower when we go by.

  3. How true about those internal battles! Entire wars have raged inside me. Think the great battle scenes of the movie Return of the King. (what a fitting movie title to quote for this Easter Sunday!) No one has known about them but me and occasionally my journal. They go unnoticed except for the ever constant eyes of the Lord. He is usually silent about them. I move my muscles anyway.