Friday, April 8, 2011

"A scrappy little volume ... seasoned with Julie's own sauce."

The Anchoress highly recommends Happy Catholic and includes two essays with quotes near and dear to my heart.
... a book I am highly recommending to you, not because Julie is a friend, but because it’s a scrappy little volume that serves up morsels from some of the most surprising sources (Alice Cooper? Bender from Futuerama? Hank Hill and H. G. Wells?) and then seasons them with Julie’s own sauce.
When someone of The Anchoress' caliber is enthusiastic then I am both relieved and proud. (Yes, the eternal insecurities come out ... but it keeps me humble and grateful, people ... so it's perfect for Lent, right?)

Go grab a couple more excerpts by reading her review. Thank you Anchoress!


  1. Julie,

    Yesterday I was having One Of Those Days. Whenever I passed by, I would pick up your book and read a quote. It literally got me up off the floor and on to the grocery store -- and cheerful, at that, which is an accomplishment.

    Good work.


  2. Now THAT is quite a tribute! Thank you for sharing it ... :-)