Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Little Weekend Blogging Around

Just a few things I enjoyed from this morning ...

American Bloggers in Rome
John Paul II's big day is tomorrow and the American bloggers are there ... for that and for the blogging conference with the Vatican on Monday. They are mostly too busy to blog, but I enjoyed seeing these early reports from The Crescat and The Anchoress. I am thinking about them and praying for the whole thing off and on as it comes to mind.

La-Z-Boy Multi-Plex
I loved reading the movie descriptions in this WSJ graphic illustrating the article about what to watch at home instead of going to the movies this summer. Though nothing will keep me from Cowboys and Aliens. Except terrible reviews all 'round.

I'll Take a Sofa-Sized Painting, Please ... Interesting Vending Machines From Around the World
Another WSJ article. So sue me. Their Saturday edition rocks. Live crabs, gold, fresh pizza ... there's nothing you can't find in a vending machine.

Again with the WSJ, but these women's hats are fantastic. Ok. Not the bird wings ones so much, but just pretend those are fake and move on. Because these are old hats and we can't change the past. That's a job for Time Cop (see Multi-Plex story above).

Something for the guys here, in this WSJ review. I admit I didn't read it. I just enjoyed looking at the photos of tuxedos over the ages. Here's one we can all enjoy together.

Twisters and Nature
Wild youngsters may end up on the ground when their nests are blown out of trees by violent storms (Caption from Nature Next Door; Photo: Ryan Keene, Creative Commons license)

Nature Next Door, my favorite wildlife blogger, says:
When I ran a wildlife rehabilitation center in Houston, major spring storms always brought a deluge of baby animals. Nests cradling baby birds and squirrels would be blown out of branches, and even cavity-nesting species weren’t safe when the storm was strong enough to uproot entire trees. Permitted wildlife rehabilitators are trained to provide the specialized care and nutrition necessary for wildlings to grow up healthy and be released back into the wild, but it’s always best to reunite offspring with their parents… if possible. As a result, rehabilitators have come up with a variety of creative reunion methods and techniques. After a tornado or hurricane churns through a neighborhood, though, the wild adults, if they survived, may be too disoriented to find their babies.
She's got links for finding wildlife rehabbers and, of course, you know I'll remind people in Dallas and Houston about 911 Wildlife, because Hannah works there!

Now I'm off the computer for a good long time, hopefully most of the day and tomorrow as I have tons to do! Have a good weekend, y'all!


  1. Tante Léonie4/30/11, 2:36 PM

    Oy! Those hats! Coming on the heels of some of the monstrosities on parade at the royal wedding, I am without words.

    Loved the tuxes, though!

  2. Thanks, Julie, for helping to spread the word about where readers can find help for storm-tossed wildlife, and for giving NDN a shout-out!