Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy Catholic: the perfect devotional for the busiest person you know (Shameless Self-Promotion cont.)

Marge: All right, already! Everyone knows [Thomas Edison] accomplished a lot. Maybe because he didn't spend every moment talking about Thomas Edison!

Homer: Oh, that's where you're wrong, Marge. He was a shameless self-promoter.
I believe Rose had this in mind when she mentioned in a recent phone call that she noticed how frequently I mention the book.

Well ... well, yes. I cannot deny it.

And when I am as delighted that another friend whose good opinion matters to me liked the book, then I just can't keep it to myself! Sarah Reinhard, the Snoring Scholar, approves in the way that makes me happiest ... by seeing what I did not and surprising me.
Davis, as she does so often in her other pursuits, reminds us that faith and life cannot be separated. That’s why you find quotes from Alice Cooper and the TV show Joan of Arcadia. It explains the quips from the Simpsons and the dialogues from various movies and novels.

This book isn’t just a good read, though it is that. It’s also the perfect devotional for the busiest person you know. It’s a great resource for the practice of finding faith right in front of your face. It’s an indispensable handbook for a moment with the God who took the time to get down and dirty by becoming one of us.
If you are interested, do go read it all. She was also kind enough to post her review at Amazon and Goodreads. Sarah, thank you!


  1. i'd do the same...for what it's worth! ;)

  2. What I keep reminding myself is that this is God's book (yes, as sappy as that sounds) and I'm not sure why he made me write it (yes, MADE me) but ... it is up to me to see to it that it gets wherever He wants it to go.

    So I keep on pushin' ... :-D

  3. You are ever so welcome! :)

  4. Hello,
    I'm a recent Catholic convert. Can you check out my blog?