Saturday, April 16, 2011

Congratulations to those on the list of "blogging chosen" for the Vatican blog-meet

The list is posted and I am delighted to see that some of the bloggers I love to read are on there such as The Anchoress, The Crescat, and Lisa Hendey. There are other bloggers I read on that list too but those are the ones I feel really connected to (and whose urls jumped out at me in a quick scan).

It looks like a really diverse list from many different places. Should be interesting for all of them!

I'm not on it, but you know I'm really all right with that. I hear there isn't a hotel room to be had for love nor money ... and I remembered that my passport is expired ... and so on.

I will get to Rome one day, perhaps, but just not right now.

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  1. Thanks Julie! I wish we were going together - that would be so much fun! Say a prayer for me OK? Hope our paths cross soon!