Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blogging Around: The "These Grabbed Me" Edition (Updated)

Mostly funny ... but all good.
  • Referees - The Curt Jester's referee and liturgical signals crack me up (it's funny because it's true). Scroll down for his version, which is really best.

  • Why Do I Love Jesus - B-Movie Catechism's answers ring true and made me laugh. Practically perfect in every way. Complete with movie quotes to kick each one off. As if that ain't enough ... it is like a conversion story to boot.

  • Lord of the World by Robert Hugh Benson - free audio on LibriVox. This link doesn't go directly to LibriVox because I'm making you go through B-Movie Catechism to get there. The poster alone is worth it. Just trust me.

  • Quo Vadis - free audio from LibriVox. I haven't heard this reader before that I can recall but the book itself is great.

  • Soul Surfer - review at Good News Film Reviews. I've been eyeing reviews of this movie warily, waiting for someone who I trust to evaluate the movie itself over and above the Christian message. Scott Nehring delivers and it looks as if the movie is one I am going to put on my list.

  • Dion: The Wanderer Talks Truth by Dion Dimucci, Mike Aquilina -just got this book in and it intrigues me because I recall hearing Dion speak on an interview show where he talked about his faith. I wish I could remember the name of it, because it seems to me that it wasn't an interviewer who one expected to elicit faith-ish talk. Anyway, it is enough to interest me into putting it on the "to read" stack, especially as I don't believe I've ever seen Mike Aquilina do this style of writing before.

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  1. Wow, two links on one page. I guess I was a good boy this week. Thanks, Julie!