Friday, April 29, 2011

Am I the Only Person Who Kept Forgetting That There Was Going to Be a Royal Wedding?

I've been continually surprised for the last couple of weeks by mentions of Prince William and Kate, dresses, parties, travel to England, and (as lately as this morning) the Google doodle.

I saw the castle, the idealized fairy-tale land look and thought, "Walt Disney's birthday?"

Oh. Right. That wedding.

Didn't they just get engaged?

I didn't mind that they were getting married. They seem like a nice couple (how far that goes in royal marriages, I have no clue).

I just ... kept forgetting and being continually reminded.

At least it must be over by now. So I can go on to being surprised by something else that I don't care enough to even remember.

Though I do approve of her wedding gown.

By means of which GetReligion reminded me that there was a royal wedding. Yes, I'd forgotten ... again ... from the time I saw the Google doodle to when their story showed up in my RSS reader.


  1. You are not the only one. I kept forgetting about it too. I only remembered this morning when I saw on Facebook that some of my relatives had watched it.

  2. Tante Leonie4/29/11, 3:25 PM

    hahaha -- the picture caption was hilarious! I, too, am so totally sick of seeing nothing but strapless wedding gowns.

  3. Think you'll get a kick out of this:

  4. Praise God that sleeves are back! Long Live Queen Catherine (I hope) just for that decision! If I ever get married, I am going to say, Give me Kate's gown! (Although hopefully, um, cheaper?)

  5. I avoided it as much as possible. During the vows one of the other channels was showing "One Million Years BC." Guess what I watched!

  6. I didn't care all that much so I, too, kept forgetting until something like books and movie commercials reminded me.

    The dress is beautiful. I hated trying to find a freakin' prom dress that had at least straps; I can't imagine trying to find a wedding dress with sleeves! Then again, I know someone who'll make me one however I want it. :D

  7. I'm always amazed that anyone outside the UK (& the Commonwealth)follows our Royals anyway!
    Still, it was a lovely thoughtful wedding service, prayerful and strangely intimate.
    Fab dresses too, both Kate and Pippa looked stunning.
    and the UK had a public holiday too!

  8. I love the photo and captions as well. I think strapless wedding gowns are ugly...they very rairly look decent on anyone. We had a great chat with several Brits when on Grand Cayman about the wedding. One man told us he was 10 during the last wedding and he remembered parties everywhere...I loved that!