Thursday, March 31, 2011

Space Aliens, a Priest, and the Black Death

One marvelous novel has it all: Eifelheim.
Father Dietrich is the village priest of Eifelheim, in the year 1348, when the Black Death is gathering strength. To his astonishment, Dietrich makes first contact between humanity and an alien race from a distant star, when their ship crashes in the nearby forest. Flynn gives us the full richness and strangeness of medieval life, as well as some terrific aliens.
Scott and I discuss the book, whether aliens have religion, disagree over Connie Willis' Blackout, and a whole lot more at A Good Story is Hard to Find.


  1. I enjoyed this book when I read it sometime last year. The fact that I had been reading up on medieval life for a while before that made the read that much more rich and enjoyable.

    I have been looking for something new to listen to on the drive into work so I will definitely subscribe to A Good Story when I get home this evening.

  2. Woohoo! Building our listenership one blog-reader at a time! :-)

    Give us some feedback ... good, bad (as long as it's constructive), whatever. We want to hear from people. :-)