Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A great piece of advice for those who wish to achieve dominance over their dog.

"Ignoring attention-seeking behaviors is the highest form of dominance." (Now stop yelling at the dog when he barks at the mailman.)
From a review that I was reading to see if I wanted to accept a review copy of this book. Everyone at our house can agree on this truth. Ignoring our dogs except when we call them to us has really made a huge difference.

The only greater truth is that growling at the dog will stop that behavior (thank you again, Bark Busters). Of course, we praise the dog as soon as they stop, which is usually instantaneous. It's the language they understand. Truly miraculous.


  1. Hmm, might have to try the ignoring thing. Not sure about the growling method. I don't think they would hear me over all their yapping.

  2. You'd be astounded. Evidently they think we are dogs, just funny looking ones who don't know how to act properly or lead the pack well. So they all try to lead the pack instead.

    Soooo, a true, strong leader ignores the others unless he wants them for something. This makes the others feel secure. When they're doing something wrong, the leader growls, then he bites. So the growl (or saying the name in a low, growling way; THEN the bite ... which is snapping something loud down to the ground so it makes a big noise. This is crazy, but it works. (We have a beanbag filled with chain links that we use. )

    And when we are strong leaders, meaning that we ignore them wagging up to us but them call them over for petting ... these four dogs are amazingly quiet, calm, and well behaved.

    It doesn't make sense to a human. But they get it. :-)

  3. As a dog lover and long time dog owner, those are excellent pieces of advice. And yes the growling helps, especially with puppies. That's how their mother corrects them.

  4. I have found that the author's advice (ignoring attention-seeking behavior, not the growling) works amazingly well with some people I know too!

  5. Melissa, I had noticed that also! :-D