Thursday, February 3, 2011

Streets as Icy as Skating Rinks Continue in Dallas

Just thought I'd catch everyone up on the weather. So it is day 3 of the big ice-in, with below freezing temperatures and a city system that is just not prepared for this sort of thing.

The mail still gets delivered (love you, U.S. Postal System!), the power is on though I have heard of some neighborhoods where they are having "rolling black outs" to help conserve power, and although we didn't have newspaper delivery yesterday, today we found two WSJs on our doorstep (yesterday's and today's).

Tom has gone to work all three days because ... I'll just say it ... he's a warrior. (Also, when you have a small business you wind up being like a farmer. No one else is going to feed those cows, right? And our clients may be unable to leave their homes but they still are asking for work to be done ... as well as the fact that we have many clients who aren't in Dallas and are asking for jobs.) I went to work on day one and then after having a series of small heart attacks over the driving conditions he drove me home at the end of the day. Because he's just that great ... yes he is!

Hannah went to work on days 1 and 2 and was one of the few people able to show up at work at the vet (where half her working days are spent as an assistant vet tech). Good thing she did because they have 18 dogs boarding and most of the people who work there live a good distance away and couldn't make it in. She showed up at 7 a.m. on the second day because she figured the 7 a.m. shift for dog walking and feeding wouldn't be there. She was right. What a good girl ... I am so proud of her for driving over icy roads to make sure the dogs were taken care of and walked.

Our own dogs are in heaven because people have been around so much of the time and they haven't had to be in their crates during the day.

Although ... we are beginning to run out of dinner-type food. We can eat sandwiches for some time but I will be venturing out to go to the store sometime soon so we can restock other sorts of supplies.

There must be more but that's all I can think of for now!


  1. Have daughter at U of D who is prepared for cold, but NOT prepared for the reax of Dallas-area folks.

  2. Tante Léonie2/3/11, 1:14 PM

    Stay safe, y'all!

    I am keeping you in my prayers, and I hope that the weather breaks soon.

  3. Yes, it is the Dallas reaction that is a problem much of the time, especially when out driving and seeing the 20-mile-an-hour, not-driving-in-the-ruts driver is also talking on her phone! AAARGH!

    Tante - thank you ! :-)

  4. Although, this is the point when I must say that we can breeze through three weeks of 110+ degree weather ... since that is what we're used to. Which is what made it so disconcerting when we were in Paris during a heat wave of 85 degree weather and saw news reports of people dropping like flies.

    So it does all depend on what the norm is. :-)

  5. Tante Léonie2/3/11, 2:14 PM

    Yes, we don't have air conditioning here in northern Europe, and the summers are generally temperate.So a couple of weeks of 85 degree weather is a much bigger deal than it would be in the US.

    110 would finish us all off!

  6. Apparently we've been doing it wrong, and we can use our stinky old baking soda as ice-control on sidewalks. I find this out only on the day the ice is melting and it's getting sunny.... :)

  7. What? Baking soda? I am going to stock up for next time ... thanks for the scoop! :-)