Friday, February 25, 2011

Perfectly Put

We live in a bizarre society where one of the national pastimes is getting all huffy because someone else’s life isn’t one long giant defense of your own personal decisions.
I have never seen it put so well.

If you read the rest of what Jennifer at Riparians at the Gate says, and then click through to the link (oh, thanks by the way, Jen, because I needed another blog to read) you will find a good illustration of this point.

I read the original post about the 16-year-old in Haiti and it made me instantly flash back to reading the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder which remind us that life for most people, including children, was often not easy or fun. Yet, Laura and her family were rich in the things that many people in our extremely privileged society today don't even know they are missing: proper perspective, flexibility, appreciation for the good things they received, and ... most of all ... love.

And that's sad.

(You know, I call her Jen to myself ... because I feel just that comfortable with her. DANG, she's a good writer.)

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  1. Oh, my. Yeah, Jenny nails it, doesn't she. Gonna save that one.