Friday, February 18, 2011

Nothing says “I want to be alone” quite like an atomized sulfur cloud.

During the breeding season, in February and March, 
female skunks may spray males when they're no longer in the mood 
(Photo: Dan and Lin Dzurisin, Creative Commons license)

Do skunks spray other skunks?

It never would have occurred to me to even ask the question.

Luckily, Hannah asked the question at Crowded Creatures and Bonnie had the answer. And there's a link to more info about skunks and spraying (which is where I picked up the photo). Which every inquiring mind wants to know, right? Right!


  1. Every dog owner needs to know a little bit about skunks, eh?

  2. Indeed yes, though 911 Wildlife cares because they get them out of your yard for ya!

    I was just cracking up over the use of the ultimate defense, which the source site says they rarely use, so seemingly casually by the female to say, "Not tonight!" :-D

  3. That explains why the neighborhood has been more fragrant than usual, never knew February and March had any special significance to the local skunk population.