Friday, February 18, 2011

More reviews of Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist

These reviews, also at the Patheos book club, are honest and affecting. I'm giving you a bit but I think you'll appreciate their testimony to how the book affected them personally.

Rick Rice, who is working his way back to the Church, finds solid food for the journey.
I’ve been away from the Catholic faith for 40 years, in essence wandering in the wilderness as the Jews who were led out of Egypt. My trek toward belief in the Real Presence has been slow and methodical, perhaps even too cerebral; my struggles have been, well . . . real and present.  Pitre’s book has helped fill the intellectual gaps and in that sense is an enormous assist.
Simcha Fisher, who I have mentioned here before for her humor and candor alike,  appreciates the same details that I did ... and more.
But, the details!

Did you know that the Jews’ Passover lamb was commonly nailed to a cross-shaped board? Did you know that the manna which sustained the Hebrews in the desert was thought to have been created before the Fall, and “had existed ‘on high’ in heaven” until God gave it to the people to eat? Did you know that the Bread of the Presence, which was consecrated and reserved in the tabernacle of the Temple, constituted both meal and unbloody sacrifice, and was offered with wine each Sabbath?

Did you know that temporarily-celibate Jewish priests would elevate this bread on feast days, and proclaim, “Behold, God’s love for you!”

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  1. I've been reading it since the other day when I downloaded it to my Kindle. Reads fast. It's very good. I'm already 20% done. I wanted to read this for Lent, but I'll be done well before that.