Friday, February 4, 2011

First Friday Fast for an End to Abortion: February

Here's the background info and I see that I've been doing this since February 2007 which makes this my 4 year anniversary of this practice.

I had been slackening up in the last couple of months but the March for Life, as always, reminded me of just how urgent all our actions are on behalf of the unborn. There is nothing like that community, the solidarity, the common action of the body of Christ who works to save those among us who have no voices to cry out.

If you're not already fully involved in working toward this goal, I invite you to join me in a monthly day of sacrificial fasting and prayer for the unborn, the mothers and fathers who are tempted to make the mistake of abortion, those who work to end abortion and for the souls of those who have been so lied to that they work for abortion.


  1. What a fantstic idea Julie! I plan on joining in this effort and would love to post a link to this on my blog if that's alright with you!

  2. Please do! Thank you so much! :-)

  3. Tante Léonie2/4/11, 1:45 PM

    I'm in, Julie!