Monday, January 24, 2011

Fifteen Vocalists in Fifteen Minutes

From a Facebook thing I got tagged with, but I'm sharing it here also. I found it interesting to see what vocalists swam to the surface of my mind when I was just staring at the sky and thinking about music.

The rules:  Don't take too long to think about it.  Fifteen vocalists that will always stick with you.  List the first fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes.  And in no particular order.  Tag fifteen friends.
  1. Ella Fitzgerald
  2. Annette Hanshaw
  3. Billie Holliday
  4. Louis Armstrong
  5. Paul McCartney
  6. John Lennon
  7. Dean Martin
  8. Frank Sinatra
  9. Bob Dylan (and not in a good way ...)
  10. Steve Goodman
  11. John Prine (also, not really in a good way, though I find him more tolerable than Dylan)
  12. Bonnie Raitt
  13. John Hiatt
  14. Tom Petty
  15. Mark Knopfler


  1. Tante Léonie1/24/11, 2:42 PM


    I had to laugh at the Bob Dylan comment; I feel the same way about him and also Neil Young.

    Re: Annette Hanshaw -- did you ever get a chance to see "Sita Gets The Blues" which features her on the soundtrack?

  2. We did indeed, which was where we discovered Annette. I thought for sure I'd mentioned that movie but in looking around I see I didn't. Quelle dommage!

    I must do so soon. It was so enjoyable!

  3. Dear Julie,

    I had thought of Dylan, myself, fleetingly. And then decided to confine myself to good.


  4. Tante Léonie1/25/11, 10:26 AM


    I'm so glad you liked "Sita"! Wasn't it charming?!

  5. 1. Frank Sinatra
    2. Andrea Bocelli
    3. Mick Jagger
    4. Natalie Cole
    5. Ella Fitzgerald
    6. Muddy Waters
    7. Howlin’ Wolf
    8. Leonard Cohen
    9. Billy Holiday
    10. Elvis Presley
    11. Sting
    12. Roger Daltry
    13. Merle Haggard
    14. Johnny Cash
    15. Audrey Assad

    I agree on Dylan. And even worse for me is Bruce Springstein.

  6. I like your list, Julie. Here's mine:
    1. Elvis
    2. Sam Cooke
    3. Nat "King" Cole
    4. Emmylou Harris
    5. Linda Ronstadt
    6. Patti Griffin
    7. Gillian Welch
    8. Kim Carnes
    9. Karen Carpenter
    10. Freddie Mercury
    11. Muddy Waters
    12. Johnny Cash
    13. Enya
    14. Dusty Springfield
    15. Tom Petty