Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Few Thoughts After the March for Life

Things I meant to write after marching on Saturday, but didn't get a chance to ... and now I see that others have done the work for me. (These are just bits ... click through to read it all.)
If this is how we lose, imagine how we'll win! The march is - for all practical purposes - a remembrance of a defeat. We lost Roe v. Wade, and yet we come with laughter, with smiles, with fun, and with hope. Such hope! Hope in our own humanity, our own dignity, hope in our country, hope in our world. A hope that will smash down walls surrounding human hearts, and release a torrent of compassion and love on the world. Hope that will wake and shake the oldest of human desires; to live and protect life. Hope that will conquer evil in it's very dwelling place. Gosh, this all sounds like something. Never has anyone been so victorious in defeat. And here's the beautiful thing; only when you can maintain joy in defeat can you ever be worthy of winning. The abortionists won, but there is nothing but decrepit, boring hatred in their victory.

It seems like a pretty good follow-up to the March for Life, doesn’t it?  You know, that day when hundreds of thousands of ninjas march to show their support of women and babies.  I say “ninjas” because they somehow slip by the attention of the media — amazing!  It’s like they were never there.  And yet they get the job done.