Friday, September 17, 2010

Ok - The Kindle? It's Freakin' Awesome!

You know, when Thomas L. McDonald was talking about collections I had no idea that you could get 100+ Classic Mystery novels and stories for ... oh ... 3 bucks.

[Ahem ... apologies on that, Thomas ... ]

Not that I'm not going for free stuff.

But. Really. 3 bucks.

Eventually I will even settle down long enough to read something on it!


Ok, the next question.

Skin? Or case?


  1. Oh yeah, nothing beats PD compilations.

    I'd say basic case, folio style. It keeps the screen covered without a screen protector, and makes it feel like you're opening a book.

  2. I like mine a lot; it's especially good for travelling or just having a fun book handy at all times! I don't know why but I find it much easier to read the Kindle on a plane or train.

    I got an inexpensive zippered pouch (I guess that's what you'd call it) from Etsy, mostly because I wanted to actually hold the device directly. Also because I couldn't decide if a folio-case would be something I'd like enough to spend $$ on it. If you find a good solution, you'll tell us, won't you :)

  3. I agree--the Kindle is awesome! I'm reading everything on it now--books, our local newspaper, magazines like Reader's Digest. I didn't use my Kindle 2 very much, but I read on my Kindle 3 every day. The changes Amazon made really improved the device.

    I recommend the leather cover with the LED light. It was rather spendy ($59), but I use the light almost every day--and it's kept me from having to dominate the one chair in the living room that gets lamp light. :-)

  4. Dear Happiest Catholic,

    Of your kindness would you commission (not The Great Commission but a rather more modest one) one of your readers to review the Barnes & Nobles Nook? I like the idea of being able to walk into a B & N and asking "Hey, what's wrong with this thing today?" All gadgets are fussy, and the Kindle is (I understand) strictly mail-order and 1-800.


  5. Mack,

    You can get a hands-on look at the Kindle at Target stores, and I believe Best Buy will be carrying them in a week or so.

    And here is an excellent video comparing several e-readers (though the Kindle in the video is not the newest one)

  6. Now that you have a Kindle, do you know about the Baen Free Library. They have hundreds of SF & Fantasy books available free of charge. I have read a lot of them and the quality is pretty good to excellent. Plus that Niven/Pournelle/Flynn novel Falling Angel is there for free.

    They offer free books since they found people will order other books, which worked for me. They even have a Jerry Pournelle collection with 9 books for $36 bucks that includes Mote in God's Eye and the sequel. Though I realize you are not buying books this year.

  7. I did NOT know about the Baen Free Library. Or probably read about it but didn't pay attention because it didn't apply to me at the time.

    I have fallen from grace in buying two full-price books from Amazon ... both anthologies, which I usually never read. So that is $38.71 I have spent on books this year. So far, so good... :-)