Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Break

I'm takin' it off and will be back tomorrow! :-)

I would like to toss a prayer request out there for Tom who is suffering most dreadfully from a hacking cough which has gone on for about a month.

He's been to the doctor who finds nothing wrong, but no cough medicine seems to help and it gets much worse when he lies down (of course), so he is very short on sleep. He'll go back to the doctor tomorrow because this is practically unlivable.

Prayers for his relief from this, or for discovering what's up, would be most appreciated. Thanks!


  1. Prayers for Tom lifting even as I type.

  2. Tante Léonie9/6/10, 11:48 AM

    Will certainly be praying and I will offer Vespers this evening for his intention.

    Do y'all know any good homeopathic doctors out there? They might be able to help. I was a nurse for 20 years, but I swear by them, now.

  3. Julie - The *exact* same thing happened to my mother in law, with exactly the same symptoms. After six months of testing, it turned out she had acid reflux! So the quick test: if he hasn't yet, have him pop a couple of tums and a prilosec and see if it helps!

  4. I hope Tom is doing better.