Monday, September 13, 2010

At Least I Had the Pleasure of Watching the Philadelphia Eagles Lose

Since later I watched the Dallas Cowboys go down.

At the hands of the Washington Redskins?

No, if only.

The Cowboys decided to repeatedly shoot themselves in the foot. Repeatedly.

I mean to say. 4 seconds left in the first half, you're at the other end of the field, and you pull that little bobble? Oy veh! Y'all deserved that pick from the Redskins.

Guys. In that situation either go for the Hail Mary or take a knee.

I'm beggin' ya!


  1. Well, he isn't good enough that you'll likely be seeing him much. Though, to be fair, if he got some more playing time he might not be bad at all.

  2. Nothing shall stop the Aaron Rodgers juggernaut! :)

    Amy (Packers fan)

  3. It can be painful to watch the Cowboys play. I usually have to offer it up and hope that it in some way sanctifies me..