Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Top 2 Blogging and Podcasting Tips

I've been blogging for six years and podcasting for three. My goodness, where does the time go?

During that time, I have been asked by others for tips on both blogging and podcasting. The tips for both are the same as I rarely focus on the mechanics of getting the thing done.

Tip #1
Be yourself. Follow your passion.

There are tons of bloggers out there. But there is no one like you, so let us meet the real you.

Enthusiasm waxes and wanes over time for any activity. If it isn't one that you truly care about then your blog will fade steadily away as other matters come along and it gets shoved to one side. Sharing something you truly care about keeps both you and your audience interested. Nothing can replace true enthusiasm and you can't fake it.

Tip #2
Be a good neighbor.

Link back, acknowledge contributions from others, and don't ask for favors that you aren't willing to do for someone in return. If you aren't sure if someone will mind you showing their stuff, then ask for permission (this applies to artwork more than anything else, but some writers will show a copyright on their pages ... notably authors and food blogs.)

This is a no-brainer, right? Like holding the door open for someone or saying, "please" and "thank you."

You'd think so, but there are some folks out there ... some very big name folks, surprisingly ... who don't do this. When you're blogging, you are part of a community. No matter where the community, including cyberspace, manners still count. Especially if you are part of the Catholic blogosphere. And people do notice, believe me.

I know this because I have many very good neighbors, both Catholic and not. A very few of those who provide very good examples for us all include:


  1. Slap me up side the head if I'm doing anything wrong. I'm counting on you to keep me in line Julie! Semper Fidelis

  2. Nevah evah, Frank! You are one of the good 'uns! :-)

  3. Whew! Keep your eye on though, in case I wander.

    Did you happen to see this? ;)

  4. This is probably a really good time to say thanks for putting me on your "Minimum Daily Requirement" List. I have to say, I saw that list awhile ago and aspired to make it there. Never thought I would. I feel truly honored.

  5. Betty, you are very welcome! And much thanks for providing such good food for thought! :-)

  6. You only say that 'cause yer a bush*tlerfascistVaticanIISedeVacantesTradRadTeaPartyLiberalRepublicanDemocratsatanicHillaryite hamster.

    Oh. Must go. See bright, shiny object...

    (You run a good and happy ship, Captain Julie!)

  7. Julie, I would definitely add you to the good neighbor list. You are very kind, a big asset to the community and much appreciated!

  8. George, you are very kind. Thank you so much!