Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Hannah!

She's celebrating her 22nd birthday this year. We did a big celebration last week when more people were in town but it is still HER day around here.

If I lived near Nolly Cakes then I would actually plump down the cash for this truly wonderful cat cake ... as it is, she asked for tiramisu, which we got from the best place in Dallas for that delicious desert.

I'm am repeating this viewing of the things she loves best, slightly updated ... simply lots and lots o' critters. (Don't just pick these up and pass them on, please. Click through on the links to check permissions, some of which I have obtained personally for this blog alone.)

Happy birthday , Hannah!

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  1. Tante Léonie8/22/10, 3:25 PM

    Happy Birthday, Hannah!

    Here's a little poem about a cat that you might like:

    I am the cat.
    It is not, exactly, that I have something to ask of you!
    I ask nothing of anyone--
    if You have by some chance, in some celestial barn,
    a little white mouse,
    or a saucer of milk,
    I know someone who would relish them.
    Wouldn't You like someday
    to put a curse on the whole race of dogs?
    If so, I should say,

    from Prayers from the Ark by Carmen Bernos de Gasztold