Thursday, July 22, 2010

Well, Would You Look At That ...

... my little piece for the Future of Catholicism is up today. When I say little, I'm not kidding. But, you know, when you have just one thing to say you don't need to go on and on. And my one thing ... it's pretty big.

Plus, The Anchoress twisted my arm and got a photo out of me. So for anyone who is not satisfied with a purple-haired avatar, that is one more reason to check it out.

If you are dropping by from the Symposium, welcome!


  1. Tante Leonie7/22/10, 3:36 PM

    Short, sharp, concise, terrific!

    Also, a very nice picture of you as well!

  2. Rockin' and pithy! I'm linking to it over on Among Women.

  3. Finally a picture more current than the nightgown-wedding dress! Looks and reads great!

  4. Thanks, y'all! :-)

    Yes, Tom, finally the girls are to the age where I don't worry about cyber-stalkers so a bit more ID is allowed. :-)

  5. Nothing wrong with a short piece when you make your point. It's often good to be reminded to look at our history, not just the present.