Monday, June 28, 2010

Something I Really Like - Bookishly


It's like Facebook for readers.

Here is the link to my 2010 Goodreads shelf but do poke around and explore. For one thing authors have pages there to investigate. It's free to join and the book talk can be interesting.

Speaking of Facebook, you can link your Goodreads to your Facebook account so that everyone can keep up there as well.


  1. I like your idea of creating a shelf for each year. I haven't really played with custom shelves on Goodreads yet, but I think I will start by creating yearly shelves.

    Thanks for the idea!.

  2. I added you as a friend, but I haven't updated my Bookreads since I started an account a year ago. :-P I do look forward to seeing what you and others have on the go though!

  3. I always enjoy reading your reviews on Goodreads... Thanks!