Friday, June 25, 2010

A Sense Organ Unique to Fish

A sense organ unique to fish is the lateral line system, a network of electrical receptors that detect electrical current in the water. Muscular contractions generate weak electrical currents that fish can detect. This makes them aware of the movements of other animals — especially predators and prey — in the water around them. Some few species, such as electric skates and eels, can even generate a strong current of their own in order to stun predators and prey.

How long has everyone known about this?

And why has no one told me before now?

I'm telling you, A Life of Life is simply eye opening. It helps that it is in bite-sized pieces.


  1. I knew this, but I didn't know that all fish had it. Sharks especially are supposed to be able to pick up electric impulses, I think.

    Now, I wonder where that fish has gone. You did love him so...

  2. Julie, I studied h.s. biology in the '60s, which is when I learned about the lateral line system. It also helps the fish know up from down so it swims upright.