Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In which I am completely surprised

The Amazon box came and I looked at it as if I had x-ray vision. Trying to remember which of Rose's birthday gifts from that source hadn't come yet.

Hmmm ... only one way to find out.

But I didn't order this ... though I do dearly wish to read it.

Did I order it by mistake? Knowingly fool myself?


Checking the receipt, I see that a friend I have made through this blog very kindly sent it to me.

Such a thing has never happened.

Was I thrilled?

Of course.



But here's the thing. More than anything I am grateful for this kind person's friendship. You would never think that both of us began more as sparring partners over our faith. In that big tent of Catholicism she was on one side and I on the other.

What kept drawing us back to emailing each other? To reading each other's blogs? To continually trying, despite our opinionated differences, to find ways to understand each other, to explain ourselves better?

I can't really put my finger on it except to say that when we weren't sparring, we were having the most delightful conversations. Gradually the sparring has lessened and turned into occasional thoughtful conversations about issues. Gradually we have built a friendship. What a blessing.

What a delightful surprise. And I'm not talking about the book. Though, of course, the book is not only a delightful surprise but a wonderful reminder that made me think over this slow blooming friendship.

Thank you, Meg.


  1. It is such a lovely story -- I couldn't bear the thought of you having to wait for 303 people to read & return it.


  2. Thanks for sharing the lovely story of how friendship can spring from unexpected places! It is wonderful to hear especially when I am in the midst of managing conflicts at work this morning!

  3. Sly devil you - you pledge not be buy any books this year. Hello loophole - have other people buy books for you :)

  4. Sweet deal, eh?

    AND I have a birthday coming up next week. Calloo, callay! :-D