Friday, March 26, 2010

For every bad thing that anyone says about the internet ...

... there are also times when we are allowed to see the grace and love that can flow when one of our own is hurting.

If we miss the witness that great friendships can be formed and supported this way, then we are reminded. It does matter. It is real.

Invisible but real.

Like prayers.

Like love.

Like God.

We know it is there. We feel it.

I am grateful for my circles of invisible friends.

I was grateful when my dad died and you lifted us up. I am grateful now, when it is plain old everyday life.

Just wanted you to know that.


  1. Mack in Texas3/26/10, 2:07 PM

    A timely reminder, and well said. Thank you.

  2. This is beautiful Julie.

    Invisible but God and love and prayers.

    Really lovely thoughts.

  3. The beauty of your friendship is a result of the Internet ....

    I cherish that :-)

  4. The feelings are mutual. Muchas gracias back at you.