Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Flood of Mercy and Joy, with a little bit of Happy Catholic in the mix

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Pat Gohn for her Among Women podcast. Actually, the pleasure was in the lots and lots of talking we both did. Frankly, at this moment, I can't remember just what was in the interview and what was just "between two women" (ha!).

I can't listen until after Easter, but you can hear it now. Three spots to pick it up:
Thanks Pat!


  1. Tante Leonie3/18/10, 12:38 PM

    I just finished listening to the interview; really nice segment, Julie! I enjoyed hearing your story of how you came to the faith and I think my favorite part was what you related about Tom and your blog. Beautiful!

  2. Merci beaucoup ... and now I know my wonderful Tom made it in there. He is one in a million, isn't he? :-)

  3. Hey Julie.... you like making men named Tom be very, very tender? Well you did it to this Tom as I listened to your time with dear friend Pat... I have a papal dispensation to be Among Men authorized to listen to Among Women :-) So, I too loved hearing your story and would that I could have you at the pulpit when I preach next time - I would turn it over to you and say this... this is what happens when you say, "God -- if you're there...."

    Our next Catholic Vitamins podcast is on a word that you inspired today as I listened to you and Pat. It reads as if you won't be listening until after Lent if at all... But we'd love to have you come by and visit our little effort as well. We are most Happy Catholics. Blessings. dt

  4. Hi Deacon Tom! You made me smile ... thank you so much for your very kind comment and I will pick it up after Lent. So curious! (But that's me, pushy and curious! :-D). Thank you!