Tuesday, June 30, 2009

First Martyrs of Rome ... and a new series the family can enjoy together

I want to give this a longer and better review, however as I'm working on a large-ish project for the rest of the week I didn't want to miss directing your attention to a very good series that is a natural tie-in with the Church's remembrance today of the first martyrs of Rome.

Suffice it to say that I was surprised by the quality of story-telling in this animated tale of St. Perpetua (and yes Felicity is there too). I meant to watch a couple of minutes and wound up engrossed in watching almost all of it ... until pulled away by two young Boxers chewing up sticks in the living room.

The animation is similar to that which I remember from the long-ago Gargoyles series (and I don't know why I keep thinking of that in comparison to this; I just do).

You can see more here about the Perpetua dvd I sampled.

Here is what the series is about in a nutshell:
Catholic Heroes of the Faith - dvd series

“Catholic Heroes of the Faith” is a new, animated DVD series which presents true stories of people who have made a lasting impression on others by their example of service to Christ and His Church.

These heroes have lived truly great lives—lives marked by moral depth, strength of character, physical courage, and an unswerving commitment to Christ and His Church.

By seeing how they struggled to serve Christ and his Church, and how they succeeded so gloriously, we are all challenged to live lives like theirs. Pope Benedict XVI has said of the saints, that we look to their “shining example to reawaken within us the great longing to be like them; happy to live near God, in his light, in the great family of God's friends. Being a Saint means living close to God, to live in his family. And this is the vocation of us all.”

Geared primarily to children ages 8-12, each episode uses traditional animation to entertain and inspire children and their parents and anyone who wants to know about the great Catholics of the past.

Each DVD also features:

* Activity guide for church, school or home use
* Parent’s and teacher’s guide for church, school or home use

This animated series is an excellent resource for parochial schools, CCD classes and home schooling.

And don’t forget to check out our documentary section! A great resource for Catholic high school religion classes and RCIA programs.

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