Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Anniversary ... to Me!

More properly, Happy Anniversary to Happy Catholic.

I was reading Pioneer Woman's anniversary post, when it suddenly sprang to my startled mind that I began this blog sometime in early May. Didn't I?

When I checked the archives, I see that it was five years ago on May 2.

Did you catch that?

Five. years. ago.

Well, knock me over with a feather. No wonder I have 8,126 posts. Plus this one, natch.

I remember well those shy days of cringing when I pushed the "publish post" button and dared enter the blogosphere ... I don't think that lurking counted as being part of the blogosphere. I was a first class lurker though. It didn't take me all that long to get used to just putting it out there (we're not going to get into whether that is bad or good ... remember this is a celebration).

My first posts, on May 2, 2004, were:
So I see that I began as I meant to go on. Lots of other people's thoughts and my own attempts at humor. (ha! well, at least I make myself laugh ... someone's gotta!)

Much thanks to those who have been here from the beginning ... all 10 of you!

And many thanks also to those who have dropped in along the way and then kept coming back.

I am enjoying every minute of it (and we all know it's all about me, right?). Hopefully there is a bit of entertainment and information here for you as well.

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