Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ah, Someone Who Appreciates Book Design!

Upon opening the book, however, one is truly treated to an example of very fine book design. The font is delicate (so may not make ideal unaided reading for those readers with vision problems) and all the text and illustrations are in a brown ink, rather than black, on a creamy matte paper. The font is really very nice, indeed. ...
Biblicalia actually noticed the design in their review of Mike Aquilina's newest book Signs and Mysteries. I find that quite gratifying as I did the interior design. The publisher actually chose the brown ink which I'd have either done in a deeper color as that font is quite delicate ... or, if I'd have known, I'd have chosen a stronger version of the face for easier reading. That's all water under the bridge, however ...

The review is quite thorough as you can imagine and very positive overall. Here's a bit but do go read the rest.
... It is not intimidating scholarship, not overpowering and jargon-laden, and is thus perfect for those who know nothing about the subject of early Christian art and the symbols employed therein. Those who will appreciate learning what their ancestors in the Faith were up to with all these anchors, ankhs, and alphas will be well repaid for their time spent within the pages of this truly lovely little book. ...
I am reading a chapter each morning with breakfast and will begin sharing some tidbits with y'all soon. The reviewer is quite right ... this book is a delight that many will both enjoy and profit from.

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